Paul Brewer, OD

Dr. Paul Brewer graduated from Southern California College of Optometry and is the founder of Diverge Sports Vision, which is dedicated innovating the field of sports vision training and sports performance.

Dr. Brewer has lectured and trained on sports vision and concussions at several universities, conferences, and sports camps. Currently, he is part of a team researching the impact of vision training on sports performance and physical education.

He currently consults and trains athletes and coaches in Idaho and several other states, who compete in amateur and professional teams.  Some of the sports he has trained are football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, softball, golf, lacrosse, motor cross, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, competitive shooting, boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis, water polo, ice hockey, skiing and snowboarding.

Dr. Brewer grew up in the North Shore of Oahu and has played many sports growing up, focusing on water polo in high school and college.  He is a former high school head coach for girls water polo, in which he led them to a division championship.  Dr. Brewer’s wife is currently an Olympic weightlifter for the USA who has competed in international competitions. Together they have a business that trains athletes in proper weight lifting techniques and functional movements.

Brewer, Paul