Following are previews of presentations from the 2020 ISVA Annual Conference. For information on how to order complete presentations click here.  For every order placed, a portion of the fee is donated directly back to ISVA.

Establishing a Sports Vision Practice: Tips from the Pros by Jennifer Stewart, OD and Frederick R. Edmunds, OD

Streamline your Office, Use the Media, and Connect with the People that Matter by Donald Teig, OD

Sports Vision Skills for Hockey Players by Charles Shidlofsky, OD

Sports Vision Labs by Todd Daniels, MS, ATC, Athletic Trainer

Vision Enhancement for Soccer by David H. Biberdorf, OD

Ocular Nutrition to Increase Sports Performance by Jeffrey R. Anshel, OD, FAAO

Vision Therapy for the Improvement of Athletic Performance by Paul A. Harris, OD, FCOVD

Athletic Trainer and Optometrist: The Bridge to Developing a Vibrant Sports Vision Practice by Todd Daniels, MS, ATC

Essential Referral Strategies to Growing Your Sports Vision Practice by Evan Engel; Adam Clarin, OD; and Anne Hanna, OD

Performance Vision: Evolving the Practice of Vision Care in a Digital World by Khizer R. Khaderi, MD, MPH

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Optimizing Athletic Performance After Brain Injury by Tanya Polec, OD and Mo Mortazavi, MD

Integration of Sports Vision Programs by Dyana L. Bullinger, MS, CSCS

Experiences with the Gold Medal Volleyball Teams: Key things that I learned that can be applied to any sport by Robert Sanet OD, FCOVD

Vision Performance in Para Sport Kristine by Kristine Dalton, OD, PhD

The Role of Dynamic Vision in Elite Performers: Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Vestibular Ocular Reflex by Shelly Massingale, PT, MPT