Embassy Suites COVID-19 Protocol

The health and safety of our guests and associates has been our top priority throughout the pandemic. Having said that, we are requiring face coverings for all non-vaccinated associates working indoors. Your organization reserves the right to establish its own policies in the meeting space of the hotel during the event including mandatory masks for attendees.  The hotel will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC, AHLA, and Governmental officials closely.

The hotel reserves the right to change or amend this statement at any time if further guidance is received from the CDC, AHLA, or any Governmental Entity that has jurisdiction over the hotel.

The Hotel recommends Face masks in public areas of the hotel for non-vaccinated guests.

Meeting Space:

  • Provide touchless sanitizer stations in the convention space foyer.
  • Sanitize all meeting room door handles.
  • Sanitize thermostats.
  • Sanitize the upper part of the meeting chair frames.
  • Sanitize light controls.
  • Sanitize podiums.
  • Water stations are provided with pump sanitizer at each station.

Plated & Buffet Service Standards:

  • Dishware, glassware, flatware & utensils sanitized in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided in Pre-Function Areas.
  • Use of rolled up silverware instead so that it is not exposed on the table before meal service.
  • Use of sanitized stainless plate covering on all plated food before service (hot & cold).
  • Buffet service is still served double-sided, with face coverings highly recommended for all guests as they go through the line. Guests are asked to sanitize their hands (sanitizer stands provided), wear gloves (Air gloves provided), then proceed through the buffet line.

Once a meal is served, guests can sit at their table and take off their masks to eat.

Team Member Consideration Checklist:

  • Unvaccinated Team Members must wear face coverings when working indoors, except where superseded by medical or local law.
  • Team Members must wash their hands regularly and frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for Team Members.