What is Sports Vision?
Sports Vision is the science of helping athletes reach peak levels of performance through the enhancement of visual skills. Until recent times, the importance of vision as part of an integrated program has been overlooked. Athletes that use their visual system to its maximum potential will gain optimal performance and a competitive edge. The field of sports vision is diverse and includes various groups of professionals including optometrists, ophthalmologists, athletic trainers, and coaches. Having a unified and integrated Sports Vision training program in place is the key to optimizing the athletes’ sensory systems.

The concept of Sports Vision training can be applied to any athlete at any level. The human visual system is pervasive throughout all sports and will often have only split seconds to perform its duties. 70% of sensory input to the brain is through the visual system. Vision guides our motor movements telling us critical information about “where” and “when” on the field or court. Coach Blanton Collier developed the concept of “the eyes lead the body”.

As Sports Vision professionals, we are the Vision Coaches for players. Utilizing the latest technology and training techniques, it is our responsibility to ensure athletes know HOW to look and WHERE to look to maximize performance potential.